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Lacco Ameno d�Ischia (July 15) -American actor F. Murray Abraham, 64, says he
has been contacted by an intermediary to do a film project with Italian
movie great Sophia Loren and Italian producer Lina Wertmuller.

He said told a news conference at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest that
discussions are "just beginning" but if it is to be done the location
would be somewhere in Italy,

In a reply to a reporter's question about how he views working with such as
famous icon as Ms. Loren, Abraham tipped his hat and replied: "As far as
I'm concerned Sophia Loren is okay with me."

Asked if he would consider it to be such an honor to work with Ms. Loren
and the director of the legendary film "Swept Away," that he would perform
for free, Abraham--known for his comic wit-- laughed, "No, no, I'm a new
grandfather and I need the money!"

He said that to his knowledge there is no script but "you don't question
the script when you are about to working with somebody like Ms. Loren."

With 70 film roles to his credit in America, Italy, England and other
countries, Abraham is being honored with a special International Arts
Academy Award in ceremonies on the Green Island near Naples. Abraham is of
Italian/Syrian heritage.

Abraham, a native of Pittsburgh, Pa., and the son of an automobile
mechanic, has shown to be one of the great talents of contemporary cinema
and stage, playing important roles such as King Lear and Othello. His most
famous role is that of Antonio Salieri in the 1984 film "Amadeus" relating
the composer's competitive rivalry with Mozart.

Recently, he appeared in a new film, "The Bridge of San Luis Rey."
For the last three months, Abraham said he has been working on a stage
production of "The Jewel of Malta" in New York City.

Abraham, in response to his views on film making, said he would like to
"see some of the directors in America be put on a very strict budget. Give
them $1 million dollars each instead of $100 million dollars to one. Give
them one month to shoot. You may get new directors, new actors and maybe
one good movie."

"The world now is more interesting than the movies and this should not be,
"he lamented, saying that art should instead be the leader in the venue of

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Lacco Ameno (July 14) - The Ischia Global Film & Music Fest opened Sunday
night with gala prize awards and cinema fans flocking to the Green Island
for looks at favorite stars.

Peter Greenaway and Stefania Sandrelli were honored at an opening night
dinner at the Regina Isabella Hotel, headquarters for the event that runs
through July 18. Greenaway received the Angelo Rizzoli Audiovisual Prize
and Sandrelli accepted the Ischia Legend Award.

English director Greenaway was cited for his innovative eight-country
European co-production of his latest film, "The Suitcases of Tulse Luper."
It is the first of a trilogy, and was screened earlier this year at the
Cannes Film Festival. Luce Institute, a co-producer of the Ischia
Festival, is a distributor of "Suitcases." Promoting co-productions and
utilizing new digital resources are major themes of the festival. The
prize is named for the legendary producer and publisher who created the
golden era of entertainment on Ischia from the 1950's through the 1970's.

Ms. Sandrelli, a screen beauty for 40 years, has been in more than 100 film
and television productions. She is most recently been working in a
thriller with Portuguese director Manuel de Oliveira, filming with John
Malkovich, Chatenne Deneuve and Irene Papas.

"By this prestigious acknowledgement, the International Academy of Art of
Ischia emphasizes the extraordinary contribution of this queen of actresses
in building the artistic and cultural memory of Italy," declared Giancarlo
Carriero, president of the organization that is co-producing the festival.

In the latest of more than 100 film and TV productions, Ms. Sandrelli will
appear in a thriller by Portuguese master Manuel de Oliveira, starring with
John Malkovich, Catherine Deneuve and Irena Papas. She also is completing
the Renzo and Lucia television series.

Her first international role was in the American film Divorce - Italian
Style in 1962. She has appeared in films of Italy, France, Germany, United
Kingdom, Algeria, Hungary, Bulgaria and elsewhere, most of them thrillers
or romances. In 2001 alone, she was in three films: Sons and Daughters,
Probably Love, and The Last Kiss.

"My secret is to find proposals with the right scripts," said Ms. Sandrelli
in recalling her 42 years of successes with artists of the great screen
from Germi to Bertolucci, from Scola to Muccino. "The main reason for my
emotional stability is my beautiful family. It has endured with me with
great tenacity and protected me. I am convinced more than ever that the
family is the sure reference point for a person in the mad run-up to fame."

Ms. Sandrelli and Greenaway joined Indian superstar Kabir Bedi; Louis J.
Horvitz, director of the Academy Awards telecasts; and other international
entertainment industry leaders to attend starlite outdoor ceremonies at the
famous Regina Isabella Hotel.


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Lacco Ameno d'Ischia (July 17) - The director of the Kennedy Center Honors, Louis J. Horvitz, received a double dose of good news with his double espresso on the island of Ischia in Italy. While on the island off Naples Thursday to accept a special lifetime achievement award during the Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, he learned of his nomination in Los Angeles for an Emmy for his direction of the 2003 Academy Awards. The Emmy nomination is in the category for outstanding direction of a variety-music or comedy special.

Horvitz won his first Emmy in 1996 for direction of The Kennedy Center Honors, then two later Emmy awards for his direction of the Oscar telecasts.

What a magical experience,� Horvitz said, �to be sipping an espresso doppio lungo with my wife [Steffanee Leaming] in the palazzo of Luchino Visconti overlooking a spectacular Ischia sunset and hearing a festival publicist shout to me with glee, �Louis J. Louis J. You just got a nomination for the Emmy awards. Congrats!� Va bene �tutto bene�I was absolutely blown away �an ischia award and an Emmy nomination�.wow!�

The 55th Emmy Primetime Award ceremonies will be held in Los Angeles on Sept. 21 � an event that Horvitz also directs


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Lacco Ameno d�Ischia (July 14) �U.K. Director Peter Greenaway who is in Italy to
accept a top prize at an international film festival, on Sunday called for
the entertainment industry to break away from old-fashioned technologies
that are gravely handicapping the production and distribution of films.

"The great days of the cinema are over," declared Greenaway. "We have to
reinvent the cinema" in order to survive and grow with the future advances
in technological innovations.

He said the cinema as we have known it over the decades "died in September
of 1983 when the remote control was introduced to the world." As soon as
that happened, he said, entertainment became an interactive experience,
while the cinema remained for the most part a passive medium.

"Cinema needs entrepreneurs who have vision. We have to break away from
the 120-minute straight jacket," he told reporters attending the Ischia
Film & Music Fest which runs through Friday off the coast of Naples.

Greenaway was awarded an Angelo Rizzoli Prize for the festival for his work
in getting eight European nations to cooperate in the making of the film
"The Tulse Luper Suitcases." The film, which has many technical
innovations, will be distributed in Italy in September.

For the past 21 years Greenaway has worked with Dutch producer Kees
Kasander. "At the beginning, he told me that he would support my film
career as long as I didn't want three Elizabeth Taylors on an aircraft
carrier with a farm full of pigs."

Greenaway's "The Tulse Luper Suitcase" was screened at Cannes. Luciano
Sovena, general executive of the Luce Institute, a co-producer of the
Ischia festival, said the film "was revolutionary in contrast to its
competitors, but perhaps it was too brave to gain the Golden Palm or other

Greenaway said that today's films are seen 75 per cent on TV, 20 percent on
DVD and only 5 per cent in the theater. He is working on new digital
technologies for internet and DVD distribution.

Louis J. Horvitz, director of the last seven Academy Awards, traveled to
the Green Island to accept an honorary award and to screen the American
Film Institute's salute to Robert De Niro, which he produced in Los
Angeles. In his remarks, Horvitz agreed with Greenaway's pleadings for the
industry to investigate new and innovative technologies in the areas of
production and distribution.

"It is important to understand that the opportunities in outlets, such as
cable televison, is 100 times more today than six or seven years ago,"
Horvitz said. "For example, in the United States, there are 500 different
outlets to view what you want to see." The challenge therefore, he said,
is for the promoters to get across to the potential audience when the
production will be aired, on what station, the date and the time.

Horvitz, who is Cuban, studied filmmaking at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Bollywood�s Kabir Bebi returns to Ischia�the First Star to Arrive. On the Island for the Global Film and Music Fest; Greeted by Academy President Carriero

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Lacco Ameno d�Ischia (July 14) - Kabir Bedi, the Bollywood star leading the return of Golden Age greats to the Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, said on his arrival Saturday that �to work in the new Indian cinema is fantastic. It is creative anarchy, not the bureaucracy of Hollywood.�

The international superstar talked about the Bollywood that has become one of the world�s great cinema factories with more than 800 films a year being produced. He is Bollywood�s most popular star in Italy because in the 1970s, early in his career, he played the character Sandokan in a wildly popular TV series that was produced in Italy.

He is the first of many stars to return to Ischia for this week�s festival on the Green Island off Naples. A major focus of the festival is the phenomenon of Bollywood. Many other on-camera and behind-the-camera leaders of the Bombay film community will attend.

Bedi said he soon will be in Sicily to star in an updated Sandokan film being co-produced with Gherardo Pagliei and The Luce Institute ��I hope the first of a long series. I will interpret myself, an actor loved in Italy and loved above all by the young Sicilian daughter of a boss. We have already made the inspections. Sicily is a fantastic place and to work with the Italians is optimal thing. We are very similar. You are creative and freer than the Americans, less rigid and more ready to launch an adventure.� He went on to criticize the Hollywood film community as a stifling entertainment industry where it takes years to launch a project�if it ever gets off the ground--unlike Bombay where the process is fast and relatively easy.

Bedi, in Ischia with his English wife Niki, said: �I did not expect much interest when I saw old television film of Sandoka But it does not seem as if much time has passed. The spirit has remained the same.�

Bedi also has played a villain opposite Roger Moore�s James Bond in Octopussy �even if for me Bond will always be �Sean� Connery. I have worked a lot in Los Angeles. The role of Sandokan has opened many doors for me. In Bombay, I have done theater and much television. In the future I hope to direct.�

When Bedi arrived by boat to the Regina Isabella Hotel, headquarters of the festival, he was greeted by a group of VIP hosts and journalists, including
Giancarlo Carriero, president of the Ischia International Arts Academy.

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